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Contact Information

Contact Information

Phone: (508) 324-3119
Fax: (508) 235-0699
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Director of Social Emotional Learning and Student Growth:
Elizabeth Coogan - extension: 1080

School Adjustment Counselors:
Alison Loranger - extension: 1092
Tracy Medeiros - extension: 1169
Ann Nassiff - extension: 1082

Guidance Counselors:
Tanya McCarthy - extension: 1088
Lauren Meader - extension: 1086
Alexandra Proulx - extension: 1089
Kelly Rezendes - extension: 1083


In the financial aid process, no stone should remain unturned.  All students, with their parents, should complete the FAFSA. The only exception to this is if a student has no plan to apply for financial aid at all.  Some more selective schools will also require a student and their parent to complete the financial aid PROFILE. It is imperative that students discuss this with their parent/guardian. As one considers scholarship opportunities, ideas to think of are parent and student employers, clubs, civic organizations, unions, banks, credit unions, etc.  Students should not limit themselves to only looking at large national programs but also look into more local opportunities.  Although the locals may have less money available, they many times have a much smaller applicant pool competing for the scholarships.  Students are reminded to read the senior news and make regular visits to guidance and check the scholarship information maintained there.


This is the website for the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (MEFA).  MEFA provides information about post secondary financing as well as links to a variety of resources.
This the same site a student uses to register to take the SAT.  CollegeBoard also processes the PROFILE, a more comprehensive financial aid statement required by some selective schools.
This website provides free search engines to look for scholarship information.
This website is many times your beginning point in applying for any student aid.  It allows access to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which is required by all schools when you are applying for financial assistance.